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The Person County Economic Development Staff is experienced and will provide you with all the assistance you need to locate and grow your business or industry here. Employee training and recruitment assistance are also available locally through Piedmont Community College.

Recruitment, Growth, and Retention of Business and Industries Equals Success

The leaders of Person County Economic Development are actively seeking to partner with businesses that can grow and prosper over the coming decades. Person County seeks to create a new rural model, to be a place where family and tradition are valued, where willingness to work hard can lead to success, and where leaders and local government embrace change and put in place strategies and processes to provide the best possible opportunities for all its residents.

Success in Economic Development in Person County will be achieved through recruitment, growth and retention of businesses and industries that provide Personians with good jobs, opportunities to learn and develop new skills, and the benefits that derive from being part of a diverse, vibrant, economically sound community. Person County leaders know that, in order for the County to be successful, they must ensure that its business community is successful, and they are committed to making that happen.

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) was formed in July of 2005. Today, this organization works hard to recruit and encourage new businesses as well as provide expansion and relocation evaluation to existing and emerging businesses. Services include providing available statistical, demographic and economic information as well as providing information on the city’s policies and procedures.

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