Choices in Education: Bethel Hill Charter School

December 12, 2016

Bethel Hill Charter School

BHCS School Bldg

Bethel Hill Charter School is a public school of choice that serves children in all areas of Person County and surrounding counties. The journey from the charter’s humble beginning in 2000 to a highly successful, independent operation has been a great success story.  Through the teamwork efforts of parents, area businesses, community leaders, faculty and the students, the school has grown to capacity.

Not only has there been physical growth and prosperity in our school, but academic performance continues to increase as well.  On state assessments, Bethel Hill Charter is above the state average and achieving growth standards.   In addition to the EOG, our students are assessed online three times yearly using Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to make individual and group instructional adjustments during the year according to the needs of the students.  We are performing above the national norms on our MAP assessments.  At Bethel Hill Charter, we integrate the Core Knowledge Curriculum with the Common Core State Standards, which results in more well-rounded students.  Core Knowledge gives students a sound knowledge base on a wide variety of topics, which is needed for higher level thinking.

However, the physical growth and student performance does not tell the whole story.  In the Bethel Hill Community, education has been a priority since the beginning of the Bethel Hill Academy in the 1850s.  This history has contributed to the establishment of a culture of high expectations, positive encouragement, and respectful behavior at Bethel Hill Charter.  The faculty, parents, students and community members strive to model these behaviors for our students.  Teaching and modeling good character are an everyday occurrence at our school.  Bethel Hill Charter believes in teaching students in a low class size while respecting diversity in thought and culture.  We have been able to keep our class sizes below the state average, keep academic performance above the state average, and continue our positive culture.

Bethel Hill Charter School gives parents a choice about what school best fits their child’s needs.  Any parent that resides in the state of North Carolina can apply.  For an application and additional information about Bethel Hill Charter School, visit us online at or call Principal Stephen Hester at 336-599-2823, ext. 222.  Bethel Hill Charter is a school where academic learning and character are emphasized in a small class size and a family oriented environment!


The mission of Bethel Hill Charter School is to lay the foundation for individual excellence.


The vision of Bethel Hill Charter School is to work in partnership with staff, families and community to promote high standards for academics and character.  This is accomplished in a safe, positive, multicultural environment.

Core Values

  • Daily parental academic support is a priority for student success.
  • Character, respect and a strong work ethic are critical to student success.
  • Students learn best in a low teacher-student ratio.
  • A balanced literacy approach is essential to student learning in all content areas.
  • Broad and deep background knowledge, supported by the Core Knowledge curriculum, is significant to student success.
  • Innovative strategies are essential in meeting the learning needs of individual students.


Education has always been embedded in the Bethel Hill Community ever since the establishment of Bethel Hill Academy before the Civil War.  The Reverend John A. Beam founded Bethel Hill Institute in 1888.  In 1920, Bethel Hill High School was constructed at our current location and the main building is still in use today.  Bethel Hill Charter School opened its doors in 2000.


  • 53 acre campus valued at over 5 million dollars.
  • All 7 buildings have been renovated and a new building was completed in May 2014. All renovation and construction have been completed with no local or state capital funding.  There has been no cost to local tax payers.
  • Three computer labs established along with laptop carts in 4th and 5th
  • Since 2000, enrollment has grown from 217 to 400, which is our capacity.
  • Our school serves grade kindergarten through fifth.
  • We have a full service cafeteria which serves breakfast and lunch daily.
  • Bus routes run to 6 of the 7 elementary school districts in the county.
  • Before and after school programs are offered daily to meet parent and student needs.



**Kindergarten-5th Grade Enrollment for 2017-18 begins January 3, 2017.  Applications will be available on our website starting January 3, 2017!**

  Mr. Stephen Hester serves as Principal at Bethel Hill Charter School and may be reached via email at To learn more about BHCS: 401 Bethel Hill School Rd. | Roxboro, NC 27574 | 336.599.2823 |  


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