Choices in Education: Roxboro Christian Academy

December 5, 2016

Roxboro Christian Academy

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Roxboro Christian Academy is not the typical school. For one thing, children can begin as a preschooler and graduate from high school. This means many of the graduates spend fourteen years together. This is one reason that the “lifelong friends” that many people promise to remain in yearbooks actually proves to be the case at RCA.

I can remember walking through the door the first time as a seventh-grader. Having no prior experience with Christian schools, I had no idea what it might be like. I was pleasantly surprised at the kindness of the teachers and students I met. I loved chapel and my Bible classes. In fact, I loved all my classes.  Next thing I knew, I was a graduate and on my way to college.

A few years later, I began as the new high school English teacher, a position that I took over twenty-seven years ago and then as principal ten years ago. So many technological changes have taken place. I could not have imagined a computer lab, much less students using laptops. Within a few weeks, our VR headsets will be arriving!

Still, RCA will remain a place where a student can receive a college prep education while developing a Biblical worldview.  It will continue to be a place where a student can learn to play an instrument, compete in a sport, learn a foreign language, or take part in a retreat. It is a school like no other in the county. Having already taught two generations, I am now waiting for the grandchildren of my first students to return and bring many others with them for as many years as the Lord continues to bless our ministry.

Roxboro Christian Academy
P.O. Box 1357

640 Wesleyan Heights Road
Roxboro, NC 27573

Office: 336-599-0208
FAX: 336-599-0209


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