Economic Development Update for July 10, 2017

July 11, 2017


Just after noon today, the Person County Board of Commissioners appointed 7 citizens to serve on the newly-reconstituted Person County Economic Development Commission, hereinafter referred to as EDC. The EDC includes 7 members from the community along with a representative member of the Person County Board of Commissioners for a total of 8 voting positions.  In addition, 4 ex officio, non-voting members - one representing the agricultural community, one representing the City of Roxboro, one representing Piedmont Community College and the Roxboro City Manager - will comprise the new board along with Person County Manager. The Person County Manager is the 5th ex officio position; however, the Person County Manager serves as a voting member of the EDC at such times when the representative member of the Person County Board of Commissioners is absent.

The EDC is a public organization; EDC minutes and agendas are open to the public for input, suggestions and discussion. The EDC is the local policy economic development arm for Person County.1 The EDC works with the economic development staff and all organizations to provide tangible policy directions to the Person County Board of Commissioners.  The EDC bylaws state that the purpose of the EDC is to assist the County of Person in promoting economic development and to establish a framework for local, state and federal efforts toward providing the basic facilities essential to the growth of the area. Specific objectives of the EDC are, through coordinated and concerted efforts, to secure full potential development of Person County’s resources, including, but not limited to:

  • Receive from a municipal, county, joint or regional planning board or commission with jurisdictions within its area an economic development program for part or all of the area.
  • Formulate projects for carrying out such an economic development program through the attraction of new industries, encouragement of agricultural development, encouragement of new and industrial ventures by local as well as foreign capital, and other activities of a similar nature.
  • Conduct industrial surveys as needed, advertise in periodicals or other communication media, furnish advice and assistance to business and industrial prospects which may locate in the area, furnish advice and assistance to existing businesses and industries, furnish advice and assistance to persons seeking to establish new businesses or industries, and engage in related activities.
  • Encourage the formation of private business development corporations or associations which may carry out such projects as securing and preparing sites for industrial development, constructing industrial buildings, or rendering financial or managerial assistance to businesses and industries, furnish advice and assistance to such corporations or associations.
  • Carry on such other activities as may be necessary in the proper exercise of the functions described herein.
  • Encourage the enrichment of curriculum to achieve appropriate occupational training, including pertinent technical and vocational training within the school systems serving the area; to assist in securing training programs for industry, business and related entities.
  • Encourage development of programs designed to further health efforts, tourism, transportation facilities, housing, recreation and related needs for the promotion of the general economic well-being of Person County.
  • Recommend the employment of an Economic Development Director, who shall be the Director of the Commission and other staff as may be required.

Another economic development organization in Person County is the Person County Business and Industrial Center, Inc., hereinafter referred to as PCBIC. PCBIC is a not for profit organization designed to assist in Person County economic development. PCBIC is a non-governmental organization that is able to react in ways that a public sector organization cannot react.  PCBIC allows Person County economic development to be on par with other nonprofit and private sector organizations across the State of North Carolina and elsewhere in the recruitment of new business and retention of existing business. PCBIC Board members are the same 8 individuals that hold the seats of the Person County EDC board voting members. However, PCBIC exists to assist with single, confidential efforts, such as the recruitment of Company “A” or to assist existing industry “B” to stay in Person County while the EDC serves to provide policy direction and plans on comprehensive economic development processes in a transparent, public forum.

In the coming weeks as we identify through our weekly blogs a number of state and regional partners that work with us, you will see that economic development is an effort that takes much effort not only from Personians but also so many partner organizations from all around the region and state.  As we look at economic development at the various organizations, there are really three parts to the local economic development effort listed as follows:

  1. improvements for economic development product development including public infrastructure,
  2. workforce development, and
  3. marketing

All three of these components are needed to have a significant improvement in economic development.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  Footnote: ¹Additional history about the Person County EDC may be found on the About Us page.  

Stuart C. Gilbert is the Economic Development Director for Roxboro and Person County, NC. He has over 30 years of experience in the area of economic development from across the region and the US. Give him a call at 336.597.1752.


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