EDC Website Press Release

November 15, 2016

The Person County Economic Development Commission (EDC) and the Person County Business and Industrial Center, Inc. (PCBIC) announced today that their new website is up and running at the website address of www.personcountyedc.com. The majority of the new website is populated with new photos and text highlighting the advantages of doing business and living in Person County. “I encourage everyone to take the time to browse our new website. Our new website will be the first look at Person County by many that are interested in doing business in Person County. If anyone has an idea for our website or to advance our economic development efforts, please write your ideas to our email address, the “contact us” portion of our website, or to our mailing address,” said Kenneth Perry, Chairman of the Person County EDC. All of the Person County EDC’s affiliate partners are linked on the new home page. The new website includes a blog page which is designed to share articles on the best of Person County and will be updated every Monday. The EDC Twitter feed is linked to the website so residents can follow the board and staff throughout new business opportunities. One section of the website that is not yet finished is the sites and building database. This database will include support from Person County Information Technology (IT) and Geographic Information Systems Departments (GIS). The EDC will offer each real estate office in the county the opportunity to enter their retail, office, commercial, warehouse and industrial listings on the website and provide each real estate office with a special access code. Furthermore, the database will have a GIS component for better visual understanding of where each business site and building is located in Person County. Once a month, the sites and buildings database will be uploaded to the new statewide database so all data will be available across North Carolina on the new Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina database, which should be operational within the next month. “We anticipate that our new sites and building database portion of our website will be one of the most innovative county-wide databases of its kind in North Carolina. We are thankful for our web designers Building 25, Person County IT and GIS departments in helping us make so many improvements to our website. We will be providing significant monthly updates, so please continue to keep checking our site for more great information and video testimonies about Person County”, said Stuart C. Gilbert, Person County Economic Development Director.

For more information contact: Stuart C. Gilbert, Person County Economic Development Director 336-597-1752


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