Utilities / Infrastructure

Person County

Person County has several utility systems serving the area. Most of the electrical, water and sewer capacity was designed to serve the textile industry. Over the years, a decrease in demand from the textile industry has resulted in a significant surplus of water and sewer capacity for most industrial properties. Natural gas is readily available in most locations.

Telecommunication services are provided by major national and regional carriers in both fiber and wireless formats.


Water & Sewer

The City of Roxboro is the provider with a rated capacity of 8mgd for water and 5mgd for  waste water treatments. Lake Issac Walton (City Lake) and Lake Roxboro are the major sources. The chemical breakdown of the water is Iron (ppm) 0.09, Manganese (ppm) 0.005, Sodium (ppm) 25.9, Sulfate (ppm) 41.7, pH 7.5.

solar farm

Electric Power

Duke Energy and Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation (PEMC) are Person County’s power providers at rates of Small (50 kW & 18,000 kWh), Medium (300kW & 140,000 kWh), and Large 750 kW & 260,000 kWh).

Natural Gas

Dominion Energy is the local natural gas provider. For current rates visit www.psncenergy.com.


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