Workforce and Training are Better in Person

Person County is a part of the Research Triangle’s premier manufacturing zone, thanks in part to impressive workforce advantages. One critical asset is size; our labor force is drawn from a population of 1+ million within 50 miles. The other key asset is superior skill, the kind of skill that drives manufacturing and business success for the Person County operations of companies like GKN Driveline and Eaton Corporation, both leading global suppliers in the auto industry.

Another factor in creating a more highly-skilled workforce is cohesive effort. Person County’s new “6-14 Workforce Pipeline” partners key stakeholders in an innovative program to enhance and align student skills with local needs, move the needle on student success, and propel Person County business and industry to a future of leading productivity in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, technology, entrepreneurship, and agriculture.

The 6-14 Workforce Pipeline is a collaborative effort by Person County Schools, Piedmont Community College (PCC), and the Person County Economic Development Commission. As the name suggests, the program begins with 6th grade students and guides them through classroom and work-based learning all the way through high school to certification, associate’s degrees (which can be earned while students are still in high school), immediate employment, or enrollment in four-year universities.

Plus, partnership with Piedmont Community College brings all the collaboration of the entire NC Community College System to our workforce. 

The underlying infrastructures supporting the pipeline are CTE (Career/Technical Education) pathways in a dozen different areas, including architecture and construction, information technology, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and logistics. Pathways offer classroom learning through Person County Schools and PCC, as well as work-based learning at area business and industry in the targeted segments.

Geared to go. While the 6-14 Workforce Pipeline is a new initiative, Person County is already highly experienced in getting industry fast off the mark when it comes to start-ups and expansions. For new and expanding business and industry, PCC provides a full spectrum of workforce services from screening through customized training. And, thanks to funds provided by the North Carolina Community College Custom Training program, these services can be free of charge. The state also supports apprenticeships and other on-the-job training through the Incumbent Worker Grant, reimbursing qualified companies up to $10,000 per job per grant cycle.

Payroll Costs by Industry

Industries Salary Number of Employees Total Salaries
Manufacturing $51,200.00 1200 $61,440,000.00
Government $36,036.00 1700 $61,261,200.00
Retail Trade $20,592.00 1495 $30,785,040.00
Educational Services $34,164.00 760 $25,964,640.00
Construction $40,456.00 485 $19,621,160.00
Wholesale Trade $41,392.00 364 $15,066,688.00
Accommodation and Food Services $12,116.00 797 $9,656,452.00
Administrative and Waste Services $27,976.00 325 $9,092,200.00
Professional and Technical Services $37,960.00 196 $7,440,160.00
Finance and Insurance $36,244.00 186 $6,741,384.00
Other Services $25,896.00 112 $2,900,352.00
Transportation & Public Utilities $57,512.00 43 $2,473,016.00
Real Estate Rental and Leasing $23,556.00 40 $942,240.00


Educational Attainment

  • Under – 12 Years – 18.67%
  • 12 Years Only – 37.40%
  • Some College – 20.24%
  • Associate Degrees – 9.79%
  • 16 Years Only – 10.16%
  • Over 16 Years – 3.73%


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