Performance and Profits are better at the Person County Mega Park

Abundance in acreage, skilled workers, and utilities make this 1,350-acre NC-certified site one of the best sites in the world for industrial performance and profitability, offering:


A labor pool of superior size and skill. Because Person County’s location borders Virginia, the Mega Park facilitates access to the resources of two leading business states. Impressive labor scale—from a population of 1+ million within 50 miles, 3.3 million within 90 miles—is matched by the quality of the nation’s best technology workforce. In the Research Triangle region, home of three R1 universities, 47% of the workforce holds a bachelor’s degree or higher, while 10 community colleges and 7 other 4-year universities keep skills acquisition at the forefront.



In Person County, workforce quality is instilled at the earliest stages with Person County’s innovative “6-14 Workforce Pipeline” focusing on middle school and high school students. Rigorous programs in areas like mechatronics, industrial systems, and electrical systems at Piedmont Community College (PCC) further sharpen skills, while PCC also provides custom training for local industry, often at no cost. In a right-to-work state, Person County’s ready-to-work labor force promises high quality coupled with low labor costs, the perfect formula for performance.

Powerful capacity and cost advantages. A high-performance infrastructure includes 230 kv electric transmission lines onsite, additional high-voltage lines nearby, providing redundant, reliable, high quality power capacity. Two leading energy providers, Duke Energy and Piedmont Electric, provide reliable, affordable abundance and true grid redundancy. Low-cost municipal water offers an excess capacity of 5.5 mgd, and an excess water treatment capacity of 3.5 mgd. High-speed internet backbone of 288-strand fiber assures 24/7 connectivity. And, since time is money, save on speed-to-market with US Army Corps of Engineering permits already in place. 



Accelerated reach and access. Enjoy swift, affordable access to two thirds of the U.S. population, thanks to the four-lane U.S. Highway 501, connecting to I-40 and I-85, as well as to U.S. Highway 58 in Virginia. Reach the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in under 1 hour, and the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro in under 1.5 hours. Locally, the Raleigh Regional Airport at Person County promises executive travel ease, with an excellent FBO (fixed-based operator), ILS/DME (instrument landing system/distance measuring equipment), and a runway over 6,000 feet.

Enhanced profitability, startup through expansion. Boost profits with utilities costs well below the national average, a 2.5% corporate tax rate (the lowest in the nation), plus fast permitting, Foreign Trade Zone advantages, and a host of lucrative incentives including Opportunity Zone tax credits. Person County has also reduced development costs and timelines with the Person County Mega Park through advanced due diligence studies. For access to these reports, visit the "Documents" tab at this link

Download a PDF of Site Attributes

cover slide for Person County Mega Park Site Attributes pdf


Person County is a part of the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina, with proximity to the Piedmont Triad Region and is a border county to Virginia. Person County Economic Development serves as the primary contact for business and industry seeking to locate or expand in Person County. Contact us today for available buildings, sites, or other information.


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